June 17, 2024


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6 Cool Gadgets For Kids 2018 & Smart Toys Must Have

6 Cool Gadgets For Kids 2018 & Smart Toys Must Have

► 10 Best Gadgets For Kids 2020 Coding Learning Toys for Kids, Through imaginative Play and Adventure … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8PRBqGaqDg

– 6 Cool Gadgets For Kids 2018 & Smart Toys Links :-

1- 00:15 GoSave: next generation piggy banks…http://gosavehq.com
Smart piggy banks designed to help you teach your kids to save, earn and spend wisely.

2- 01:32 Tinkamo | Smart Building Blocks … http://tinkamo.com
Super duper exciting hands-on coding toy for kids 5-12. Bring Lego alive and create your own gizmos. Kids just love it!

3- 03:34 happybrush Kids – Our First-Ever Smart Toothbrush For Kids … https://www.happybrush.de
The smart way to make toothbrushing effective and fun! Made by the startup from the German TV show “Die H?hle der L?wen” (Shark Tank)

4- 04:51 WUMBA – Magnetic Wooden Toys Featuring Switchable Blocks … https://www.facebook.com/wumbatoys
5 animals, each consisting of 3 magnetic wooden blocks = multiple fun assembly solutions & endless play combinations.

5- 06:42 QuestBotics Next Level Edu-Robot Toy …https://questbotics.com
We made the bots. They make the kids really smart. We need your help to bring it to market so we can help all the kids level up.

6- 09:10 Pillow Playsets: A World of Play, Hidden Away … https://amzn.to/2wU9zHq
Transform your couch into a play kitchen, a dollhouse, or a doctor’s office. When playtime is over it all folds up into a throw pillow!