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'I can spy on people!' Teens fly drones for first time

'I can spy on people!' Teens fly drones for first time "That's so cool!" Tori says with a smile. "I can spy on people!" Olivia coins a new term in the video: "I can take a drelfie!" At the end of the testing, the teens overall highly recommended the Parrot drone. "This is very fun and I could probably sit … Read more on CNET Got an extra 0 or so? Think drone! Also, the Bebop works inconsistently and only has about 13 [...]


Drones Drones is a truly guilty pleasure, like watching The Daily Show and knowing Jon Stewart's best jokes start with someone else's colossal error or hurt. The concept here is even darker than Muse's 2012 planet-death treatise, The 2nd Law: the long … Read more on RollingStone.com Five Of The Best Drone-Shot Wedding Videos From the House of Representatives to live-streamed weddings in Sonoma, having a drone film a couple's first moments as newlyweds is all the rage. A search for "drone wedding" [...]

The 4 Best Stocks to Invest in Drones

The 4 Best Stocks to Invest in Drones Unmanned aerial vehicles — or drones, as they're commonly known — remain in their infancy. Although the U.S. military has used them in various capacities for several decades, their civilian and commercial use remains limited. That should change soon. Read more on Motley Fool Dronestagram Photo Contest 2015: Drone's eye view of Maringá Cathedral … “Drone photography depicts a new vision of the world with stunning images taken from low altitude, near field,” says Eric [...]