June 15, 2024


What’s Your Cool?

'I can spy on people!' Teens fly drones for first time

'I can spy on people!' Teens fly drones for first time
"That's so cool!" Tori says with a smile. "I can spy on people!" Olivia coins a new term in the video: "I can take a drelfie!" At the end of the testing, the teens overall highly recommended the Parrot drone. "This is very fun and I could probably sit …
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Got an extra 0 or so? Think drone!
Also, the Bebop works inconsistently and only has about 13 minutes of battery-powered flying. The bottom line: Like most consumer drones, this is a work in progress. It's best for early adopters who just want to geek out and take a stab at an imperfect …
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Utility Drones Could Inspect Equipment, Scan for Outages
Power companies across the United States are testing whether small drones can spot trouble on transmission lines or inspect equipment deep inside hard-to-reach power plant boilers. … "It's easy to go up and make some cool pictures," Phillips said …
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