September 24, 2023

What’s Your Cool?

So many things! #storytime #Hormonalimbalance leads to acne. #Maca For hormones #weightcontrol

So many things! #storytime #Hormonalimbalance leads to acne. #Maca For hormones #weightcontrol

#hormonalbalance #fertility #hottopics
#actresslife #endbullying
Alright, my friends.
Let’s get to the healthy links
Prepare 1tsp. Mac’s powder for hormonal balance and fertility
W/ 1tbs. Cocoa to Reduce Anxiety
And add 1 tbs. Tumeric for weight control and also clearing skin & clearing out intestines. So to speak. Well, technically digestive health.

I also babble about skincare.
The best quality with the best price an #Ethetician ‘s #musthaves below
Lillyana Naturals Retinol 19.99 w/ $5 coupon

High Frequency facials-



Also, Because I am trying really hard to learn how to a bit more business in my endeavors.
I mean shit I am assertive in everything, except making money. Lol
I do what I love or don’t do it at all.
Oh and I #fearofrejection.
So with that.
Can you go to

#PromoCode #Brooklin35 for 35% off the ” Romper / Black Jumpsuit”
I am wearing.
Love it. So comfy and quality is amazing.
Also, perk.
When you purchase something from me
DM me @
The receipt and if you don’t mine send your addy. I send you a beauty box or a mix of skincare, makeup, and accessories.
I have #giveaway Wed. However, this is exciting. Join in.. Let’s be a team.
Everyone wins.
Hey Thanks for joining me.

🚼🚸 Brooklin w/ an I 🚸🚼