May 23, 2024

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High Frequency Machine | Benefits, Contraindications and Detailed Review

High Frequency Machine | Benefits, Contraindications and Detailed Review

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How High-frequency Works

High frequency uses an alternating current, which is known as the Tesla Current. Electricity flows from the device wand, through a glass attachment containing vacuum-sealed gas, causing it to become electrified as it does so.

The electrification process causes the gas to glow, and when the attachment makes contact with the skin or just above the skin, a circuit is made. As the electrified gas is activated, it reacts with the oxygen that is naturally found in the air and a chemical reaction takes place to create Ozone, which is ionized oxygen. – you’ll smell this – it’s similar to chlorine or a burning wire.

The device doesn’t create a solid flow of Ozone. The alternating frequency creates an oscillating current that converts oxygen to Ozone and then de-ionizes it in a steady pattern. Ozone is extremely anti-bacterial and germicidal, which helps kill acne-causing bacteria, along with improving circulation and drainage, reducing inflammation, boost collagen production and reduce lymphatic build-up. However, Ozone is also very dehydrating, so feed your skin after the treatment to keep things hydrated.

The fact that it can help eliminate acne-causing bacteria and improve circulation without any pharmaceuticals or harsh acids makes it a great choice for sensitive skin prone to irritation.

It’s also fantastic to use after any treatment that exposes the skin to bacteria – microneedling, Plasma fibroblasting, chemical Peels, Dermaplpaning, etc to help keep the skin free from bacteria while improving healing.

High-Frequency Gas Types

Each glass attachment has vacuum-sealed gas inside of it, which becomes electrified as the charge passes through it.

Neon Gas – Orange/yellow (Mainly used for anti-aging)
Argon Gas – Violet (Mainly used for acne)

Both are interchangeable and provide very similar effects, regardless of the gas type.

Types of Usage

There are two ways to use High Frequency, which is either direct and indirect application.

Direct Application – the glass electrode attachments are placed directly on the skin. Dry skin is always best – but you can use an alcohol-free moisturiser or serum if you want. Some people say you shouldn’t use it on skin with products, but this is not true. Avoid comedogenic oils. In fact, oil should be avoided during treatment as electricity can cause it to rapidly heat, resulting in potentia burns.

Indirect Application – Gauze or muslin cloth is placed on the face or wrapped around the glass tip helping the High-Frequency machine glide over the top of it without coming into direct contact. The indirect method creates a small arc between the device and the skin, which creates increased levels of ozone. The larger the arc is, the more of an effect you get – but you don’t want a spark so large that it burns the skin and causes damage. Avoid going above half a centimetre (¼ inch) from the skin to prevent any damage.


If you suffer from any of the following conditions, you should avoid High-frequency.

Asthma, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Pacemakers, Pregnancy, Open wounds, abrasions or sores, active skin infections, Metal implants, (pins, braces or plates), Metal jewellery, loss of skin sensation and high blood pressure.
Also, it is unsafe to use a 2 prong plug with this device – it uses electricity to create Ozone and NEEDS to be grounded. The third prong on a plug is a grounding prong. If you are in a country where only a 2-prong socket is available, buy yourself a fused circuit-breaker or 3 point adaptor before even considering using it.

Finally, if you have had botox, you should wait at least 48 hours after injections before using high frequency, and for fillers, 7-10 days.


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