September 21, 2023

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8 Superhero Gadgets Which Actually Exist !

8 Superhero Gadgets Which Actually Exist !

8 Superhero Gadgets Which Actually Exist !

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We all know how cool is the web-shooter in the Spiderman Films We all love spider-man web to go anywhere, and make your opponents stick with it, and can do so much fun!

When we say Sci-Fi, we assume he is Tony stark in the Iron-man with cool Gadgets, One of the powerful gadget is the Iron-man glove, which is able to produce powerful laser to beat his opponent,
This is the real Iron man Glove which is able to shoot laser which can do a lot

Here Iron-man inspired Richard Browning developed A real flying shoes, but it had some balancing issues so he modify it to hand boot which is easy to balance by body coordination and strength with a lot of practice !

We Love bikes, love to ride it, but imagine if you can able to fly your bike in sky, please don’t think it is impossible! because this is Scorpion 3 from the Russian Company The Hoversurf .

Now kitty Hawk flyer is the comfortable flying machine, backed by google founder Larry Page, the prototype version revealed during flying over the lake, this is ultimately a best way to enjoy nature!

As we know in the Batman and the X-men, there are airplane concepts, which are so amazing which can lands vertically in less space and it goes to the high speed within few seconds.
This is a new concept of the personal air transportation. it is still in prototype concept known as the Lilium

coolest creation of the company Festo, They made robotic ants which behave the same like the real ants.

Method 1 robo
It is called as Method 1 Robot!
It is made by the Korean company “Korea future technologies” with incredible design
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