April 20, 2024


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5 Cool Bicycle Gadgets You Can Buy From India | Desi Bit

5 Cool Bicycle Gadgets You Can Buy From India | Desi Bit

What is up, people? My name is Momi Zaree and this is my channel “Desi Bit”. In this video, I have listed 5 cool gadgets for bicycle which you can buy or pre-order today from international websites.

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All product’s link are given below. Please do check for more information.

EvoWheel: https://goo.gl/Aj4eeV
It is the simplest eBike conversion kit available that can convert your bike into an eBike in 30 seconds or less.

Hexagon: https://goo.gl/91mVRj
It is the ultimate safety device with a full HD camera, power bank, crash sensor & more.

Haiku: https://goo.gl/CJdaUq
It is the next generation of bike computer for smart urban cyclists that lets you get just the info you need from your smartphone on your handlebar.

Sehen: https://goo.gl/Fnj6kv
It is the world’s first zero vibration personal rear view mirror that can change forever the way you move.

Ellipse: https://goo.gl/YYZdWX
It is the smart bike lock that connects to your phone to provide keyless entry, theft detection, bike sharing, crash alerts and more.

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