September 30, 2023

What’s Your Cool?

20 Cool New Technology Gadgets you must have | Latest Gadgets | Home Gadgets | New tech gadgets

20 Cool New Technology Gadgets you must have | Latest Gadgets | Home Gadgets | New tech gadgets

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20 Cool Gadgets | New Gadgets | Latest Gadgets | Home Gadgets

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अनोखे गैजेट्स, Smart Gadgets जो आपकी जिंदगी बदल देंगे।


1. Tapi- (Rs.129)

2. LED Tshirts-

3. Supercube-

4. Power Press Push Up System-

5. Waterlily-

6. Anti Stress Toys-

7. Flipbelt-

8. Cool Shoes-

9. LED Faucet-

10. Bicycle side mirrors-

11. RC car (Hand controlled)-

12. Pillow Pad-

13. Trident sea scooter-

14. Night sight glasses-

15. Anki-

16. Instant tent-

17. Flashlight survival kit-

18. Toilet lights- (Rs.299)

19. LED Shoe Clips-

20. Virtual Bubbles-

Cool and VERY CHEAP Gadgets under Rs 500-

1.Best PUBG Mobile Trigger 🔥🔥 @Rs.349-

2. USB Fan for Smartphones✓(Rs.187)-

3. Touchscreen Smartphone Cleaner✓(Rs.249)-

4. Very Bright LED Flash for FULL HD Selfie 🤳 (Rs.199)-

5. Smartphone car Mount✓(Rs.369)-

6. Smart Ring 👌 (MUST HAVE) @Rs.329-

7. World’s Smallest AC (Air Conditioner) 🔥🔥 @Rs.461-

8. Flexible Tripod✓@Rs.499-

9. 360° Flower Smartphone Holder @Rs.189-

10. Smallest 60x Lens for Smartphones✓(Rs.275)-

Which invention did you like best? Write in the comments.

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