GolfLites – Light Up Color Changing Golf Balls (Quantity=6)

GolfLites – Light Up Color Changing Golf Balls (Quantity=6)

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GolfLites are plastic Golf Balls with battery-operated lights inside them that remove darkness from the GolfLite (and no matter what it’s submerged in) from the inside out. GolfLites are made of non-toxic, FDA-approved plastic and contain a gel that may be frozen to lend a hand keep beverages cold. Simply pushing a button at the bottom of the GolfLite turns the light off and on. GolfLites are re-freezable and when used intermittently their battery lasts for approximately 12 hours.

The color changing GolfLites are the coolest! Just press the button to change the color from red to green to blue or set it to change colors mechanically!

Not intended to be used as a real golf ball