Wine Making Kits

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    Island Mist Raspberry Peach Wine Kit

    Island Mist Raspberry Peach Wine Kit
    Sweet Ripe Raspberries Mixed With Juicy Peach Undertones
    Fruity, Refreshing

    $69.95 $64.99
  • Wine Enthusiast Wine Cork Board Kit

    Half the fun is in the making
    The bulletin board made in mahogany wood is perfect for the kitchen, home office, or wine cellar
    We supply the hardwood frame and instructions

  • 1 X Hydrometer – Triple Scale

    Range 0.990 – 1.160
    Used for taking gravity measurements

  • Vintner’s Reserve Shiraz 10L Wine Kit

    Type: Red
    Body: Medium
    Sweetness: Dry

  • I Like That Lamp nck-wiring-bottle-kit DIY Bottle Lamp Making Kit – Build Your Own Unique, Custom Lamp Base Out of A Keepsake Wine or Liquor Bottle Nickel Finish Socket with Silver Cord

    Beginner friendly lamp wiring kit – easily turn one of your favorite bottles into an original one-of-a-kind lamp base with this DIY kit
    5 Minutes start to finish – no jokes the pre-wired socket in this kit means that you can create your own lamp in just 5 short minutes
    Completely customizable

    $15.00 $14.95
  • Go Ferment! Wide Mouth Mason Jar Mold Free Anaerobic Fermenting Kit w/ Recipe E-book

    GREAT BEGINNER SET w/ RECIPE E-BOOK – This set is perfect for beginners to successfully start fermenting or pickling their own foods. You’ll receive our Recipe E-Book with delicious recipes once you purchase our kit!
    ANAEROBIC FERMENTATION – Our kit releases carbon dioxide and keeps oxygen from coming in. This helps keep your vegetables mold-free and no need to burp them daily!
    GREAT FOR SMALL BATCHES – This kit is perfect for making a small batch of Cider, Mead, Beer, Wine, Fermented or Pickled Veggies and Fruit! Try different veggies, yeast strains, honey, grains, and grapes to try various flavors!

  • Over the Sink Strainer 6 Quart Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Sieve Kitchen Colander Extendable Handles

    ★★★★★ SAVE MORE TODAY! Add to Cart to reveal today’s instant rebate discount pricing from the manufacturer for authorized Amazon resellers ★★★★★ MULTIPLE USES IN EVERY KITCHEN Cooking can be messy. A strainer helps keep your adventures in the kitchen both easy and neat. This stainless steel square mesh strainer is the perfect way to cook and prepare a huge variety of foods and beverages. You’ll save space because this one colander does it all. Use it for precise sifting of dry ingredients like flour, powdered spices, confectioner’s sugar and similar. You’ll be able to drain liquids, sieve spices and more. The small weave lets you strain even the smallest rices, kefirs and herbs. You can even use the strainer to make homemade baby food! Filter out impurities from liquids. The strainer can even be used to drain seeds while making cocktails.
    CREATED BY CULINARY PROS Pro Chef Kitchen is more than just the company name – it’s also an accurate description of the people who work there. The entire Pro Chef team understands the demands put on kitchenware. These products are built to last. The stainless steel resists damage while the large handles promote kitchen safety. Products built for food need to meet certain criteria. You can rest easy knowing your Pro Chef Kitchen Tools strainer is made of FDA approved food grade stainless steel. Sturdy construction helps prevent spills, drips and accidents. Bring home professional kitchen craftsmanship today. This strainer can handle pounds of pasta, volumes of vegetables and whatever other dishes you wish to whip up for yourself and your family.
    EASY TO USE WITH SUPERIOR FUNCTION Although designed for home use, this strainer is built to handle the rough and tough world of even a busy industrial kitchen. The professional quality 18/10 stainless steel is resistant to scratches, dents, rust and damage. Unlike plastic bowls, stainless steel will never warp or melt after exposure to hot foods or liquids. Large stainless steel handles let you safely carry the bowl without spilling. These handles also let you rest the strainer across most kitchen sinks, allowing hands-free operation. The extra-close, extra-small holes allow for quick liquid drainage. At the same time, food stays in the bowl during the drainage. After the meal, clean-up is as easy as a quick hand wash or run through the dishwasher.

  • Campden Tablets (potassium metabisulfite) – 100 Tablets

    Prevents Wild Yeast, Bacteria Growth, and Oxidation in Wine
    Potassium met bisulfite in tablet form

  • Green Apple Riesling (Island Mist)

  • Homebrew Guys Triple Scale Hydrometer Kit. Best for Beer, Wine, Juice,Cider. Easily Measure Specific Gravity, BRIX and Potential Alcohol. Complete with Test Tube. A Must have for making Great Brews!

    Triple scale hydrometer complete with test tube. Easily measure Specific Gravity of liquids, BRIX (sugar content) and Potential Alcohol
    Save money. Inexpensive and easy-to-use solution helps you to make delicious home brews, wine, juice and cider
    Save time. Convenient 3 in one tool allows you to quickly and accurately measure vital information on your home brew like a pro!

  • #8 Straight corks 8″ x 1 3/4″ Bag of 100

    High quality agglomerated cork body with beveled edges
    Perfect size for hand corkers
    Lovely decorative grape pattern Printed on cork

    $18.47 $15.16
  • Italian Pinot Grigio (World Vineyard)

    Wine Expert World Vineyard Italian Pinot Grigio
    Sweetness: DRY Body: LIGHT-MEDIUM Oak Intensity: NONE
    10-liter kits from Winexpert.